Hi, I'm Michael

What I find art to be is the emotional and imaginable connection between you and the work of art. Art is a form to express your feelings, whether they're happy, strange, explosive, or even slow. Art can be anything you want it to be. Everyone can have a different experience in art and this is mine.

Your creativity doesn't have to be perfect; it can be anything you picture it to be. It can show all the imperfections on your journey, but within all those imperfections you can find your perfections. What I struggled with the most in art was the way how everything needed to be correct and to my liking. I felt that art wasn't supposed to be this way, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and thought about what art could be. I didn't worry about all the imperfections and just went for it. Art taught me to find my roots of doing abstract art and put my emotions on my blank canvas, not worrying about making it perfect. It has taught me that nothing is perfect, so don't make it perfect. I have grown to do what I love with art and that is putting my emotions and creativity on a blank canvas and creating eye-catching pieces of artwork for your home.

I plan to continue making abstract art as a side hustle to put my emotions on blank canvases and have them tell stories. I look forward to people talking about my talent and what I can do with art and everything that goes with it.